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28 + ? = 100 or 100 - 28 = ?

Students use a centimeter tape strip for a number line and standard size centimeter counting blocks to understand the difference between 2 numbers.

Horizontal Subtraction Made Efficient and Understandable

In this example, the standard horizontal algorithm is turned into a number line giving students a method of solving subtraction without regrouping nonsense. Students focus on the difference between the two numbers and not isolating single digits with regrouping.

Multiplication 9

This video shows how students can learn their 9 multiplication "groups" with understanding and depth.

Subtraction Strategies

This video shows a major component of Common Core. Students need to make sense of what they're doing and avoid routine math steps that cause mathematical confusion.

Subtraction Strategy

This is another example how students can approach subtraction with reason and simply add up the difference between the two numbers.