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Mental Health Resources

Throughout the year Lakeland Village provides School-based Trauma Groups (CBITS) provided by Safe House. Please email or call the counselor for more information.
CBITS: Offered to 5th - 8th grade

CBITS (Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Trauma in Schools) a special counseling program for students who have experienced stressful events. We have found that students who have experienced trauma as victims or witnesses often suffer from a unique kind of stress, called traumatic stress. It could show up in the form of your child not wanting to go to school or difficulties with class work and concentration.
CBITS group is an 8-10 week individual and group program that is designed to alleviate symptoms of traumatic stress. As part of the program, facilitators will meet 1-2 times with your child individually in addition to the weekly group meetings (1 group meeting per week for 45-60 min.) and schedule two parent meetings (over the course of 8-10 weeks) to give you any necessary information related to your child’s progress and experience in the program.
For your convenience, CBITS permission slips have been attached to this message. Participant Permission slip as well as the Telehealth group form is required to participate.
Message from your Counselor RE: Mental Health Support

Bulldog Families,


LEUSD Mental Health Services Department has put together a resource page that is extremely useful to all students, parents and staff. Please click HERE to access the website. Once on the website use the menu on the right hand side to navigate to resources.


Click on the image to access the website:


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