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Tutoring and Success Resources

Bulldog Tutoring
You might need tutoring if…


     1)   You have low test or assignment scores

     2)   You are struggling with one or more subjects

     3)   You doubt your ability to do good work or complete assignments

     4)   You have low self-esteem/lack confidence

     5)   You have difficulty problem solving

     6)   You can’t stay focused in and out of class

     7)   You currently switched schools (Change is hard!)

     8)   Your backpack is disorganized


These are just a few red flags that indicate someone could need tutoring. If you have a concern or would like more information about tutoring resources please see your counselor for more information!



Tutoring Resources

Make sure to check with your teacher(s) for any sites related to your textbook or sites they'd prefer you use!


Lakeside Library – Free Tutoring 

32593 Riverside Dr.

Lake Elsinore 92530



Club Z Tutoring

949-229-7922 (fee based)


Homework Hotline

Harvey Mudd College

Free Math/Science Tutoring



YouTube Education

Go to the link below and type in the math topic you are interested in.


Khan Academy
Tutorial videos to help learn all levels of math and science.


IXL [Math, Lang Arts, Science]

IXL is personalized learning. With a comprehensive K-12 curriculum, individualized guidance, and real-time analytics, IXL meets the unique needs of each learner.


Math Tutoring Websites

Mrs. DePasquale (YouTube)

Mr. Causey (YouTube)


Don’t forget! Your teacher is the best resource for help and all are willing to set up a time for extra help/ tutoring if you speak with them in advance.